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As a B2B organization, you know your Sales Team NEEDS to be leveraging LinkedIn. But do you have the bandwidth or expertise to use the platform to actually generate new business?


Qualified Calls per Month


Average Cost per Lead


New Connections per Month

We Assist Businesses in Building High-Value Relationships (Without Bots or Automation)

We can help you connect with key decision-makers on LinkedIn. Let us get in touch with hundreds of targeted prospects every month on your behalf, resulting in a calendar full of highly qualified sales calls.

Our team of US-based BDRs uses Buyer First selling tactics to build rapport with new prospects. We leverage real-time feedback to optimize targeting, messaging, and conversion rate throughout your campaign.

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Onboarding Assessment Call

Define target demographics and brand voice, set up your business systems for the coming influx of leads, and establish a feedback loop with our team.

Build Campaign & Launch

Build targeted lead list and brand-aligned messaging, optimize LinkedIn profile using data-driven best practices. Begin outreach to qualified leads.

10-14 Days10-14 Days

Optimize Campaign

Start collecting qualified leads and analyze data to increase acceptance, response, and conversion rates through each step of your funnel.

30 Days30 Days

Scale Results With Your Team

Watch your qualified leads exponentiate as your campaign hits its stride, and build robust content strategy to attract inbound leads.

Follow Up with New Leads

Nurture leads who weren’t initially ready to buy via email campaigns and social media retargeting, and expand your content blueprint to engage targeted connections.

3-6 Months3-6 Months


“My coaching practice was once a slow-moving commuter train; it is now a BULLET train!!! I am attempting to better peoples' lives and workplaces, and to know there is personal human support behind me is priceless.”

Lisa EtzelExecutive Coach


“After 1 year of partnering with Uptown, I’m thrilled to say that I have 10X’d my investment in LinkedIn! Moving into year #2, based on the pipeline I’ve built and the opportunities to continue scaling, I’m projected to 100X my investment with Uptown and I couldn’t be more excited.”

GaryMortgage Officer


“We launched a Linkedin campaign to reach out to companies that have announced permanent remote work. We’re making 2,000 connections per week, leading to about 50 conversations, and my team is talking to Microsoft, Facebook and Uber. There will be a significant economic impact and large ROI.”

Ryan SmithBusiness Development Manager

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