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Sixth Edition

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Hey everyone, we took a month-long hiatus while spending time with family but we’re excited for the start of this new quarter!

In a previous newsletter, we discussed our quarterly meetings (called OKRs = Objectives and Key Results) and the three priorities of Q4 2020.

With radical honesty, let’s look at where we fell short:

  • Did not maintain the weekly newsletter frequency
  • Did not create an FAQ section on our website
  • Did not launch a quarterly business development webinar
  • Did not create sales collateral such as case studies and 1-pagers
  • Did not release consistent podcasts, or set it up on Spotify or Apple

(One win, however – we kicked off our first podcast with an exciting guest, Bob Burg, the author of The Go-Giver. Chris Cozzolino, one of our co-founders, hosts our podcast and you can listen to this episode HERE.)

While these items are still on our project list, priorities change every quarter. Our Q1 2021 OKRs were established in an all-day meeting this past Saturday.

As a refresher, every quarter we settle on 3 OKRs (our goals for the next 3 months). Every week, I’ll highlight one of them and discuss any progress. This quarter’s OKRs are:

  1. Increasing Sales Team Efficiency, Pipeline Conversion, & High-Quality Leads 👇 See below
  2. Building Customer Success Team and Standardizing Processes to Leverage Data 👉 Next week
  3. Heightening Brand Engagement and Legitimacy 👉 👉 Week after

There are several sub-topics within each OKR. This week, we’re highlighting OKR 1:

Increasing Sales Team Efficiency, Pipeline Conversion, & High-Quality Leads

This builds off last quarter’s OKR to grow our sales team. During the last 3 months we added several new Account Executives. Together we developed training materials, began tracking individual performance data, built a collaborative community, and established an impressive pipeline of leads.

Now, our focus is on converting that pipeline into new clients and giving each team member the tools and incentives to be successful. 

The most important thing we’ve learned while building this sales team is the importance of upward feedback. The best way to know what your team needs is to ask. We’ve already implemented weekly strategy calls, monthly 1-on-1s, and competitive incentives for our sales team this quarter. With all this in place, we’re excited for a big Q1. 

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