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As Gary V. puts it, every business has to first be a media company. The online realm of modern business requires it. I personally have never been much of social poster. But from a business perspective, we’ll look back at the days of free eyeballs on various social platforms and wonder why we hadn’t posted more.

Building a brand is often put second to sales or operations, but it’s a driving factor of both. Before buying anything, consumers check Google and Social Media platforms for signs of legitimacy. The same can be said for potential new hires. It’s much easier to attract and retain top talent with brand recognition and a solid online presence.

Once again, this quarter’s OKRs are:

  1. Increasing Sales Team Efficiency, Pipeline Conversion, & High-Quality Leads πŸ‘‰ Two weeks agoΒ πŸ‘ˆ
  2. Building Customer Success Team and Standardizing Processes to Leverage Data πŸ‘‰ Last week’s newsletterΒ πŸ‘ˆ
  3. Heightening Brand Engagement and Legitimacy πŸ‘‡See belowπŸ‘‡

This week, we’re highlighting the third and final OKR of Q1 2021:

Heightening Brand Engagement and Legitimacy

In terms of social media and content creation, we set systematic goals that our broader content strategy will grow from. For example, we are aiming to send out 1 Uptown UpdateΒ and create 3 educational YouTube videos per week. Also a monthly Podcast. At the same time we will be sharing these via posts on our internal team’s personal LinkedIn accounts.

Committing to a unique content strategy across all major platforms would have set us up for failure from a bandwidth perspective. So, we’re starting with YouTube, LinkedIn, Email and the Podcast apps. We plan on having excellent processes in place putting out consistent content on these channels by the end of the quarter. Then, we can replicate and expand to include Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Next, to position ourselves to expand our work with larger teams, we’re creating sales collateral applicable to team sizes of 20+. Essentially, we’re working with a graphic designer to pump out a ton of PDF’s. To name a few: one-pager on UC history, one-pager on LLG service, testimonial PDF, renewal option PDF, and an exhibit of our pricing options.

Finally, we’re developing an ongoing email retargeting strategy to reengage with past leads. We identified over 500 people our team had sales calls with in 2020 yet did not become a client. This quarter we’re sending out an email retargeting campaign to all those leads, coupled with phone calls and LinkedIn messages. The final step to this process is to build out the retargeting email sequence within HubSpot so that number never rises close to 500 again.

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