Uptown Update

23rd Edition

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It’s right around the corner! This Thursday, 10/21, Uptown’s biggest event is happening in downtown San Diego. Admission is free but few spots remain so be sure to register soon.

To show how awesome this will be, you guessed it, I made a flyer… 

A year ago, the team met in San Diego for our quarterly planning meeting. The value of these in-person gatherings was highlighted in the second edition of the Uptown Update. That value planted the idea of one day bringing together clients and community for larger events. Six months later we proudly hosted 30 people for our first event in Dallas. Coming a long way in a short time, we’re on track to fill a 100-person venue tomorrow.

Excited to see how these events continue to grow in size and impact, but a special thank you to all those who supported us at the ground level.

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