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By October 21, 2020One Comment

Thank you for being part of the groundlevel edition of the Uptown Creation Update. This section of the newsletter is a behind-the-scenes look at our team’s hurdlesfailures, and triumphs scaling a start-up. This transparency is important because we don’t know all the answers and we welcome your collaboration on new ideas and overlooked solutions!

This leads to our stretch goal: we are becoming an interactive problem-solving platform that YOU can participate in. We don’t know all the steps to get there, but this is step one.

If a lot of people collaborate on a shared vision, we can achieve amazing things. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the wisdom of crowds – it’s the only reason we know what anything is worth. The stock market is the clearest example of this, millions of people buying and selling at different prices until it eventually reaches equilibrium.

Joyce Berg, a renowned accounting professor at the University of Iowa, uses a very Iowan example to illustrate the power of markets. Basically, if you show a thousand people a photo of a cow and ask them to guess the weight, averaging all of their guesses will be within a few pounds of the actual weight.

We want to discover what else can be achieved through collective brainpower.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, it took many pivots before we ended up here. As a 100% remote organization leveraging the best online resources, Uptown has been through several iterations, but I’ll get into that in future updates.

It will be many more pivots before we’ve made the impact we know to be possible.

I invite you to join us.

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  • Dan Quinlin says:

    Love the concept. Few organizations are willing to publicly share their failures, yet that is the first step of true growth.

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