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Something tells me every company undergoes a similar learning process when transitioning from 1 or 2 salespeople into a larger sales team.

A little background: for several years Uptown’s primary salesperson was our President and Co-Founder Conor. He’s the type of conversationalist that not only leaves you feeling good after talking, but also motivated to grow. This combination has aligned perfectly with our services since they’ve always been centered around scaling businesses, brands, and personal growth. Having invested substantially in his own development, he’s now taking on the challenge of leading our sales team of 6 Account Executives.

Last week he approached our COO, Erin, and asked for weekly and monthly metrics for discovery and demo calls booked and sales closed. Erin explored the reporting functionality of HubSpot to create charts displaying these 3 metrics in an easily accessible way. Now our sales team is able to compare themselves to their peers and past results. This quarter we also plan to develop more competitive incentives for those who have the most calls in a given week or month.

Another key development in the last week is the addition of our new Director of Operations, Kelly Fairbrother. Learn more about Kelly below!

Kelly Fairbrother is a Pittsburg native living in New York City. Since graduating from Ithaca College, she’s spent 8 years as a professional actor. In addition, she’s been an acting coach for high school students preparing for their college theatre auditions.

As Director of Operations, Kelly will be demonstrating our services to interested future clients and assist us in the continued optimization of our systems and processes. Kelly’s experience and skillset are an awesome fit for demos and we’re stoked to have her on our team!

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