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Tenth Edition

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Earlier this quarter I mentioned our goal of 1 monthly podcast episode. Not only are we ahead of schedule, we also launched a second podcast and booked a world-renowned guest. The two channels in the Uptown podcast network are highlighted below:

Uptown Live

Hosted by Chris Cozzolino, PharmD and CTO of Uptown Creation. These conversations are with successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and anyone else Chris finds interesting. An exciting aspect to these conversations is that Chris has access to LinkedIn’s beta live-streaming program. So, follow Chris or Uptown Creation on LinkedIn in order to catch future episodes in real time!

Most recently, Uptown Live hosted Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder and first CEO. Check out the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

The Social Seller

Hosted by Conor Palusen, our President and head of sales. Like Conor, a large number of guests on the Social Seller will also be high-level salespeople. While sales is the premise, much of the conversation is surrounding lifestyle, mindset, and personal growth.

As a non-salesperson, listening to these episodes is teaching me a lot about the mental toughness and strengths needed for success in sales. Our latest guest exemplifies that. Reef Colman is the CEO of WeAssist.io, a company that takes an ethical approach to a modern industry; Virtual Assistant Services (more info in UC’s Toolkit section below).

Reef has an incredible story and has overcome many obstacles in order to build the company he has today. Listen to their conversation on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube.

Launching two podcasts simultaneously, one by each of our founders, is allowing us to learn faster through collaboration and friendly competition. Please tune in and let us know what you think!

UC’s Toolkit

WeAssist.io is fast becoming an important name in the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry through core values focused around bettering the lives of the VA, as oppose to the traditional cheap-labor model.

Any conversation I’ve had with Reef, WeAssist’s CEO, he has emphasized the life-changing effect for the VA following a placement with a good company. The level of support and encouragement given to VA’s at WeAssist increases quality, commitment, and overall happiness of the VA’s.

Uptown currently has two incredible VA’s through WeAssist; Carlo and Mark. They’ve beyond impressed us through their work ethic and capabilities. Both have become valuable members of our team.

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