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Eleventh Edition

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It’s been three weeks since our last newsletter, which is a slower pace than planned. When we have a relatively uneventful week, it’s easy to easy to justify putting The Update on hold.

The transparent company model we’re trying to achieve allows for great content during chaotic and innovative times. But the fact of the matter is, as we grow and stabilize as a company, there may not be an exciting new development to announce every week.

So, rather than forcing content about what’s happening at the company every week, The Update will just be one of many segments we start experimenting with.

But, as long as I have you here…

We’ve made a big transition over the past few weeks from our Commission-Only Sales Team model to a Full-Time Base + Commission model. The reason for our decision was simple, data. By reviewing the pipelines and conversion percentages of part-time vs. full-time salespeople, we saw a drastic drop-off in follow-up conversion.

So, going forward, we’re looking to hire another full-time salesperson. Apply HERE or pass the link along!

For new segments, we’re dawning “Uptown Tips” today (see below) and are fiddling with the idea of some kind of “Innovator Spotlight” to highlight entrepreneurs and brands doing great things. Excited to hear your feedback and ideas!


Uptown Tips

In This Video, our Co-Founder Chris reveals exactly how we help clients optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Whether you’re looking for a job, searching for leads, or building relationships, you’ll discover the MOST important aspects to focus on and why.

Your Profile Picture and Headline are by far the most important aspects because they will follow you on LinkedIn with every action you take. These are the only two parts of your profile that people will see even if they are not looking at your LinkedIn Profile specifically.

Click the link above to start optimizing!

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