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25th Edition

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Over the past few years we’ve strived to systematize our business development services in order to scale. We have an agency model with clear criteria on our standard services. Occasionally, projects out of that mold are requested – whether it be CRM implementations, integrating marketing technologies, or simply project management.

The problem with these outside-the-box projects is they take a toll on agencies by distracting the team from core responsibilities. In order to protect our organizational health, we needed a way to bucket these “one-off” projects in a systematic way. The best solution we found was to form a consulting firm for anything other than our standard services.

So, without further adieu, we’re proud to announce the launch of Uptown Consulting!

This new organization is a leap towards the ultimate goal for Uptown, which is to change the way work happens. This can occur by allowing remote workers to have multiple fulltime jobs, enabling people to cycle between different jobs throughout the year, cohorts of consultants working on similar roles at multiple companies, or even (forgive me) performing work in the metaverse.

Essentially we want to provide executive augmentation services as a better solution to labor for employers while giving flexible work life to the consultant. The biggest advantages to putting a dynamic worker in place is that it allows for the cross-pollination of ideas between organizations and different perspectives looking at the way we do things. Also, companies won’t have to be burdened by costs of employee benefits and will spend less time training/managing people.

Throughout this change, Uptown Creation has not slowed down on its mission to provide innovative business development solutions. Chris Cozzolino, PharmD and recently published author of Own Your PharmD, Own Your Career, has stepped into the role of CEO for Uptown Creation. From years as head of fulfillment, his robust knowledge over digital marketing and biz dev strategy has already proven to be the perfect fit for taking this company to new heights.


Uptown Consulting has been supporting a new Dallas-based Real Estate Development company to build operations, pipeline management systems, and IT infrastructure. Asher Development is currently celebrating a very successful ICSC conference in which it revealed its model to the rest of the industry.

We’re very grateful to be working side-by-side with this this impressive organization at the ground level. Asher is currently deploying its resources to develop new retail properties and identify investment opportunities across 49 U.S. States.


“Work Different” is the frontrunning mission statement for Uptown Consulting – comment with your ideas!




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