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14th Edition

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I turn 28 today and am naturally reflecting on the past year. One year ago we had a fraction of our current clientele, no content strategy, a subpar website we patched together ourselves, and most of our team consisted of independent contractors.

This time last year I had just started working with a professional coach for the first time, trying to figure out exactly what to do in this role I stumbled into. The lesson she ingrained in me was that my job is to “instill mission and vision at every level of the organization.”

As an analytical person, inspiration doesn’t come naturally. So the dual purpose of this newsletter is to publicly put our mission into the universe and remind our team of what we’re working to build.

The mission statement we crafted with guidance from my coach is:

Enabling innovative conversations.
Uptown is where leaders are introduced to influential decision-makers. By empowering professionals to effortlessly navigate online realms, Uptown is the trusted partner for scaling organizations and bringing visions to life.

Everyone strives to make a positive impact on the world using the skills at their disposal. We discovered we’re able to provide the most value through business development and consulting services. It’s incredibly rewarding to make a positive impact on businesses we believe in – from filling their sales pipeline, to building their CRM’s, to improving their overall organizational health.

Simultaneously, we’re rethinking what a modern work-life looks like. Building a 100% remote company is allowing us to instill the values of trust, flexibility, and independent thinking from the ground up. No one expects work will ever look the same as it did pre-pandemic, so at Uptown Creation we’re getting ahead of it.

We’re always growing so click HERE if you want to take part.

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