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16th Edition

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For the longest time when someone would purchase one of our services, the extent of our binding agreement was a checkbox agreeing to Terms of Service. We kept it simple under the mindset that we don’t want people to jump through too many hoops before signing on with us. 

As of this week, we finally implemented formal agreements through DocuSign clearly laying out our expectations and theirs. After many conversations with colleagues and advisors, we’re convinced that the legitimacy associated with signed agreements is representative of the company we want to be. It’s our expectation that this extra step in the sales process will, in fact, give us more credibility – contrary to our initial concern that it might be a bottleneck. Also, a clearly defined and mutually agreed upon Scope of Work should increase a new client’s confidence in their decision to move forward.

Additionally, we added an “Always Say/Never Say” terminology sheet to help our sales & fulfillment teams be aligned and convey messaging in the most meaningful way. For example, we now always use the term Business Development instead of Lead Generation.

On the topic of effective communication, we recently interviewed Joya Dass, former NY1 Business News Anchor and founder of the the popular women’s networking group LadyDrinks. They discussed the importance of professional communication in business and you can watch their entire conversation HERE.

Last but far from least, we’re very excited about two new teammates joining Uptown Creation this week. I can’t express enough how valuable being remote has been in driving growth. This business model opens up a national talent pool that continues to be rewarding. Meet the first of our new Business Development Representatives, Sean!


Sean Innerst currently resides in Concord, California. Prior to joining the Uptown Creation team, he worked as a Business Development Representative placing high level IT, Software, and Engineering candidates. Before moving to California, he completed his bachelor’s degree at York College of Pennsylvania in Business Administration.

Sean will work as a Business Development Representative, ensuring clients are meeting their targets with quality.

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