After the past few months, it’s become clear that talent acquisition will be an ongoing need. We’ve managed so far by sharing responsibilities of interviewing, onboarding, and training amongst ourselves; but no real system was in place. The idea of building a new department, Human Resources, was intimidating.

Once again, we recognized when to ask for help. We hired a “Fractional HR Company” who handles the HR responsibilities for many small business. They are designed for companies at a stage like ours where we have serious needs, but not enough to an HR Manager (Director? VP? Czar?).

The added beauty of this fractional HR team is that when the time comes, they will help us build an internal HR Department and provide consulting until we’re able to fly on our own.

To small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, the idea of everything that needs to be put in place to constitute a “business” can be overwhelming. What I always tell my team is that a business is nothing more than a collection of systems. The more systems you put in place, the more established your company is and the stronger your organizational health. You only need to tackle one system at a time and there are countless companies out there designed to help you out at whatever stage you’re at as a business.

On the topic of talent acquisition, I’m proud to announce our newest teammate, Camelia Tigoudar Rahhali!

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