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By September 1, 2021One Comment

Those who have been following these Updates know 2021’s focus has been growing our sales team, fulfillment team, and improving the quality of our services. The strength of any company is their people, which is why we also built a Human Resources Department to make hiring a continuous process and consistently deliver high-quality talent. This emphasis on HR enabled us to systematize ongoing training and structure career paths allowing our teammates to grow with the company. By putting these systems in place we’ve been able to allocate more time to other business essentials.

For example, as of this week we are officially running paid advertisements. The majority of our services are LinkedIn focused so we’re currently only running ads on that platform. Two years ago we had an unsuccessful attempt with paid advertising; putting a lot of money into Facebook and Instagram ads with no results. Hindsight 20/20, it’s easy to see the mistakes now.

At the risk of sounding like a Ted Talk, the term fail forward fast has always resonated with me. The lessons from our first advertising attempt gives us a leg up this time around. To set up for success, we’ve hired an expert to manage our campaign, put tracking pixels on our website, and are split testing audiences.

Circling back to our continuous hiring process, we’re again adding Business Development Representatives to our team. Apply HERE to join the fun!

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  • Edward Cleven says:

    Exciting updates! I hope the results of the A/B testing can make it into a future newsletter as I would love to see the insights gained.

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