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20th Edition

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We’re proud to celebrate Erin Quinlin, our COO, who is joining the Management Consulting team at Credera, a worldwide consulting firm. Erin joined Uptown Creation two years ago, bringing a skillset of CRM expertise, business systems optimization, and marketing strategy. During her time here she spearheaded efforts to enhance the client experience, systematize our sales process, and create a scalable organizational structure.

As Uptown grew, Erin demonstrated a remarkable leadership ability, giving empathy and support to everyone she worked with. Being a remote team, Erin rose to the challenge of creating an incredible culture within a setting where in-person interactions rarely occur. Uptown has very few alumni because she helped create a collaborative team that people don’t want to leave.

The highest level of leadership is one who sets their company up for success even after their departure. Leaving behind robust systems, processes, and documentation (and oh so many Loom videos), Erin met this challenge too. Thank you for all you contributed to who we are today, value that can’t be bought or sold. Uptown’s future is bright largely thanks to you and Credera is soon to find out how lucky they are!



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