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21st Edition

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I’m fortunate enough to have the leaders of our fulfillment team in town this week. Chris Cozzolino and Bryan Temin have joined me in Dallas to work on innovative ways to improve our service fulfillment and brainstorm the next level of services we will provide. So now, in a late night edition, I’ll let them write this week’s Update.

Per Bryan,
At the beginning and end of the day, the job is about knowing what the client WANTS and then letting them know what they NEED. In other words: How do we build our service around that information? My conversations with clients come down to this question: “what can I do with the leads I’ve spoken to already?”. The answer is always to nurture them in a way that feels true to the way you do business. If that’s throwing them on a webinar you’ve put together, then let’s get those folks on there. If you’re putting together a newsletter and you want to push them to that, then let’s get that done. Part 1 of my job is to generate leads. We’ve got part 1 down to a T. Part 2 is turning those folks into raving fans.

Per Chris,
As we continue to grow as a company, the way that we fulfill will continuously evolve. I like to stay we are on the “bleeding edge” of business development because this exemplifies what we actually do much more than anything else. Our job as a company is to be 5 steps ahead of the other experts in the market, and 100 steps ahead of the average business owner – at least when it comes to business development. When executed correctly this creates an uncommon experience for both our clients and those we reach out to on behalf of our clients. What I love most about Uptown Creation is that what we do just makes sense. It makes sense that reaching out to someone on the internet in an extremely personalized way would illicit a response – and this is what sets the framework for us as an organization. Not to mention our client relationship management is one of the best in the business due to our stellar Customer Success and Fulfillment Team. As the marketplace continues to evolve, we will evolve faster because we are practitioners of our craft – and practitioners always win.

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