How City of Las Vegas Uses Uptown Creation to Attract Remote Workers

About City of Las Vegas:

A global destination with more than 42 million annual visitors, Las Vegas boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing economies. With no state or corporate taxes, low cost of living, and business-friendly policies, Las Vegas is also one of the nation’s up-and-coming tech talent markets. The City of Las Vegas works with business ideas and projects to help move the city toward the front line of technology and make dreams a reality.

City of Las Vegas’ Goal:

As a team, hold 20 calls per week with qualified leads.

Uptown Creation’s Approach:

Using LinkedIn, we built a list targeting Remote Workers at large tech companies (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) in the states surrounding Nevada.

Our goal with the outreach message was to invite a conversation about the benefits of living and working remotely in the City of Las Vegas.

Uptown’s Customer Success team worked closely with the COLV to create a relevant content strategy that engaged new connections with relevant information about the benefits of relocating to Las Vegas.

In the first 2 months working with the COLV, we started conversations directly with remote workers while also building a base of new connections in tech to be utilized for future outreach campaigns.


In the first 2 months on our Done-For-You package, City of Las Vegas scheduled 216 calls across 5 accounts.


Connection Requests Sent


Messages Sent


Calls Booked

Ryan Smith

Business Development Manager

We launched a targeted Linkedin campaign to reach out to specific companies that have announced permanent remote work. We’re making 2,000 connections per week, which leads to about 50 conversations per week, so we’ve been able to really reach a large market. 

We have gotten a ton of inquiries, and we are talking to individuals every single day that have the ability to work remotely. I have spoken with multiple people at Google about this opportunity, and people on my team are talking to workers at Microsoft, Facebook and Uber. Through the people that move, there will be a significant economic impact and large ROI.

Ryan Smith headshot

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