Get qualified LinkedIn leads to build a solid sales pipeline for your company

What if there was a done-for-you way to grow your sales pipeline?

You want to fill up your calendar with leads and sales appointments from LinkedIn.

But even though LinkedIn is packed with amazing leads, figuring out LinkedIn lead generation on your own takes bandwidth you just don’t have. You don’t want to waste your time trying to figure it out on your own, but it’s frustrating and stressful to spend energy and money on campaigns that don’t go anywhere.

You don’t have to crack the code to successful LinkedIn lead generation alone.

Successful LinkedIn lead generation is possible – and it’s been done before. So why not build your sales pipeline with a team who has the expertise and know-how to get things done?

The Uptown Creation Difference

We utilize innovative digital marketing strategies that have been proven and tested for years. These strategies, coupled with the human touch, enable clients to achieve higher quality leads, saving them time and money.


With Uptown Creation, you’ll get:

Authentic Messaging

No automation or annoying bots here. Each message is crafted in a conversational style and sent by a real human.

Refined Custom Strategies

We’ll regularly review and refine your strategy to make sure we’re tailoring our efforts to reach your ideal customers and target audience.

More Sales-Qualified Leads

Our personalized approach helps you make the right connections with people you can continue to follow up and target with your own content.

How It Works

Phase 1: 10-14 days

Define target demographics and brand voice, set up your business systems for the coming influx of leads, and establish a feedback loop with our team.

Build/Launch Campaign:
Build targeted lead list and brand-aligned messaging, optimize LinkedIn profile using data-driven best practices, and begin outreach to qualified leads.

Phase 2: 30 days

Optimize Campaign:
Start collecting qualified leads and analyze data to increase acceptance, response, and conversion rates through each step of your funnel.

Phase 3: 3-6 days

Scale Results:
Watch your qualified leads grow exponentially as your campaign hits its stride, and build a robust content strategy to attract inbound leads. Follow Up with New Leads: Nurture leads who weren’t initially ready to buy via email campaigns and social media retargeting, and expand your content blueprint to engage targeted connections.

The result? 12-15 highly qualified calls each month with warm, targeted leads.
Book a Free 30-Min Discovery Call

Ready to start generating your ideal leads on LinkedIn?

1. Book a 30-Minute Discovery Call

Book a free 30-minute call with us to chat about your goals and if our approach is a good fit for you. If you like what we offer, our Director of Operations will schedule a no-pressure demo session with you so you can see all the ins and outs of our process.

2. Implement and Review

We’ll take the time to understand your customers, learn your brand voice, and refine your personalized strategy so our messaging is consistently honed in and on target.

3. Build Your Sales Pipeline

Through our personalized lead generation tactics, you’ll make connections with qualified leads that you can follow up with and use to build your sales pipeline and grow your organization.

Why Uptown Creation?

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves who started out where you are today, so we know that finding qualified leads can be challenging. Other companies just put LinkedIn campaigns on autopilot or relied on bots—and we knew there had to be a more genuine way of building connections on LinkedIn.

Because we use an authentic, organic approach, we can bend the algorithm in our favor and get more people interested, engaged, and motivated to take action. Plus, our team is constantly refining your strategy so you can make sure your sales pipeline is always full of warm leads.