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Uptown Creation is a renowned Digital Marketing Agency based in the United States (Chicago). Our team provides brands and businesses around the world with advanced Instagram growth. We provide a way to drive organic traffic and likes to your Instagram content to get more eyes on your posts and ultimately more brand awareness, followers, and conversions.

Through utilizing hashtags specific to your brand and a network to drive traffic on Instagram, we make it so every time you post it’s as if you go viral. With 10+ years of digital marketing and Instagram growth experience, our team wants to help your brand go viral. Regardless of your account's current size or age, we're certain that with our help, you'll be ranking higher than your competitors in little time.

Whether you're looking to grow a personal account to the "influencer" status or a full-fledged brand for your business, we're the perfect fit. If you have any questions/comments we would love to hear from you! Please contact our team using the message form below. 
Avg. Customer Growth
Collective Instagram Network
Organic Engagement
The Fast & Safest Way to Grow Like Instagram Influencers
The Influencer
Billed monthly, no set-up fee.
  • x2 Automatic Rounds Per Day
  • Engagement From 20k-50k Accounts
  • 800+ Guaranteed Engagements Daily  
  • Rounds Coming From Our Private Influencer Network
  • X
  • X
the START-up
Billed monthly, no set-up fee.
  • x3 Automatic Rounds Per Day
  • Engagement From 20k-100k Accounts
  • 1,500+ Guaranteed Engagements Daily
  • Customized Hashtag Curation + Optimization
  • Rounds Coming From Our Private Influencer Network
  • X
the Executive
Billed monthly, no set-up fee.
  • *Accelerate Growth On Both Personal & Business Account Together!
  • x6 Automatic Rounds Per Day
  • Engagement From 20k-100k Accounts
  • 2,500+ Guaranteed Engagements Daily
  • Customized Hashtag Curation + Optimization
  • 20+ Comments Per Post
  • x3 Exclusive PowerLikes Every Month
  • Monthly Growth & Strategy Call
Increase Followers Boost
Accelerate Your Account's Follower Growth Today
Tired of trying to grow your account's followers with little success? Luckily, now there's a perfect solution. Regardless of your brand's current size or age, we'd love to help grow your daily following too. We use a variety of the safest & most effective organic growth strategies to grow your account's followers each day.

  *Increase Followers Boost is the perfect solution to pair with any of our 3 best-selling growth services (listed above). 
The Growth Formula
Upload your quality content with custom hashtags we provide
We drive the traffic your content deserves
Sit back as your brand's organic visibility and influence grow
How do you deliver real engagement?
When you make a post during your designated upload time we share it with our 100 million + Instagram network that we have grown through growing multiple accounts to 100k + followers. When our exclusive network interacts with your posts this causes the Instagram algorithm to say "Oh, people like this content, let's show it to MORE people who will like it too". Through the use of hashtags that you can rank in as well as the explore page, our services boost your content to reach the customers that actually WANT to see your content. This drives ORGANIC traffic and engagement to help your brand grow on Instagram faster than ever before.
Do you buy followers?
Absolutely not. Never.  We only perform real human to human interaction with the target demographic you identify in your brand basics. You may find some places online that sell followers: be forewarned that these are mostly farmed networks or fake accounts. We never take short-cuts like this
How does customer targeting work?
Once you provide us with your brand basics, we’ll focus our efforts on your particular target or niche. For example, if your product or service targets fashion bloggers, then this is where we’ll focus on efforts with respect to authorities in the space to follow you. 

We target by hashtag, username, and location and also target accounts that have similar followers that you’d like to have. Any additional questions, simply email us.
If you're looking to start a project please use the order page above. On the other hand, if you want to make an inquiry, discuss a partnership or something else entirely, please use the form on the right - thanks!
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