How Hydra Went from $60,000 to $110,000 MRR Utilizing Uptown’s LinkedIn-First Approach to Attract Agency Owners

Company Background

Hydra is a niche consulting firm that caters exclusively to agency owners. The organization is devoted to helping these agency owners implement well-thought-out systems that increase profits and enhance efficiency throughout their respective companies. Hydra’s team is composed of industry experienced individuals who believe in creating value by empowering agencies with the tools required for sustainable growth.

The Challenge:

Hydra had previously seen some degree of success leveraging referral networks and classic marketing tactics, but they lacked a consistent pipeline of leads and direct messaging strategies they tried were ineffective. They were missing targeting and messaging expertise needed to convert a conversation into a sales opportunity and had not utilized the full capabilities of LinkedIn.

The Process:

Uptown utilized a LinkedIn-First approach, by first identifying their Ideal Client Profile and then creating a targeted audience of agency owners. From there, we tested various LinkedIn messaging techniques to determine what best resonated with the decision makers on LinkedIn. We collaborated on a content strategy alongside our messaging that spoke directly to agency owners, emphasizing the positive impact and transformation Hydra could bring about in their businesses. In order to ensure a consistent pipeline, we maintained active outreach and fostered hundreds of conversations while fielding industry specific FAQ’s in order to schedule qualified sales calls.


Five months into the implementation of this new strategy, Hydra successfully closed deals worth $100,000 from the leads generated through the LinkedIn campaign and established a robust pipeline of opportunities estimated at a value of $250,000. This demonstrated a significant return on their investment in the LinkedIn strategy, contributing substantially towards business growth. Furthermore, the opportunities continue to mount, paving the way for sustained revenue generation in the future. Through these efforts, Hydra has truly optimized its direct outreach strategy and unlocked new potential in its mission to empower agency owners.


Targeted New Connections


Meetings With Decision Makers


Value of Leads in Pipeline


New Revenue Generated

Josh Johnston

Founder and CEO at Hydra

Working with the experts at Uptown, we launched a targeted LinkedIn campaign to reach out to agency owners. Their onboarding process was seamless and then we were off to the races. We have gotten a ton of interest, and we are talking to prospects every single day that are interested in scaling their agency. We’re tracking to hit $150,000 in new revenue from Uptown by the end of the year, needless to say a this partnership has resulted in a large ROI. We were so impressed by what they could do for us, we’ve incorporated their LinkedIn best practices into our own agency coaching materials.

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