Generating Qualified Leads on LinkedIn

Tired of inauthentic, automated messages on LinkedIn that don’t get any traction with your leads? We bring the authenticity back to your LinkedIn outreach by building rapport the right way – with a 100% human-powered approach.


Our Targeting Works To Make Sure Every New Connection Is A Valuable Lead

  • We use the most effective filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make sure our outreach is attracting the most active LinkedIn users and receptive prospects.
  • We work with you to hash out what makes your ideal clients unique, and then target by geography, seniority level, and many other tested strategies.
  • New connections fuel your outreach in the short term, while also building a long-term digital asset that you can use as a pipeline for forever.


Our Messaging Sets You Apart From The Noise and Spam On LinkedIn

  • The first sentence of our outreach gets people to open YOUR message when 20 others are sitting in their inbox.
  • The body of our messaging seamlessly introduces you and your brand while keeping things light and conversational.
  • The end of every correspondence includes a call-to-action that encourages a response to keep conversations from fizzling out.

Designated CSM

Your Customer Success Manager Ensures You See The Results You Expect

  • Consistency is the key to any successful business development campaign. If you were to take 2 of every 5 days off from LinkedIn outreach, you would produce 40% fewer leads over the course of 1 year.
  • We make constant refinements over time as strategies change, using connection acceptance rate, message response rate, and LinkedIn algorithm updates to guide us.
  • You’ll have monthly review calls with your Customer Success Manager to receive campaign updates and learn best practices to get the most out of LinkedIn.

The result? 15-20 highly-qualified calls each month with warm, targeted leads.


Onboarding Assessment Call

Define target demographics and brand voice, set up your business systems for the coming influx of leads, and establish a feedback loop with our team.

Build Campaign & Launch

Build targeted lead list and brand-aligned messaging, optimize LinkedIn profile using data-driven best practices. Begin outreach to qualified leads.

10-14 Days10-14 Days

Optimize Campaign

Start collecting qualified leads and analyze data to increase acceptance, response, and conversion rates through each step of your funnel.

30 Days30 Days

Scale Results With Your Team

Watch your qualified leads exponentiate as your campaign hits its stride, and build robust content strategy to attract inbound leads.

Follow Up with New Leads

Nurture leads who weren’t initially ready to buy via email campaigns and social media retargeting, and expand your content blueprint to engage targeted connections.

3-6 Months3-6 Months

We launched a Linkedin campaign to reach out to companies that have announced permanent remote work. We’re making 2,000 connections per week, leading to about 50 conversations, and my team is talking to Microsoft, Facebook and Uber. There will be a significant economic impact and large ROI.

Ryan SmithBusiness Development Manager at City of Las Vegas

After 1 year of partnering with Uptown, I’m thrilled to say that I have 10X’d my investment in LinkedIn! Moving into year #2, based on the pipeline I’ve built and the opportunities to continue scaling, I’m projected to 100X my investment with Uptown and I couldn’t be more excited.

GaryMortgage Officer

From my experience working with the Uptown Creation team, I have found the staff to be very professional and attentive to my needs. I highly recommend working with the Uptown Creation team if you are looking for leads for your business, and a professional company to work with.

Dr. Charles ReddMotivational Speaker

I'm happy to say that Uptown Creation was one of the first partners I brought on, and over the past 30 days I’ve sold out 4 of my events with leads directly attributed to LinkedIn. I have even had to expand the number of spots at some events to make space for new leads coming in!

Joya DassFounder of LadyDrinks

After working with the Uptown Creation team for the last 90 days you guys have definitely opened my eyes to the power of LinkedIn. We've closed two $5,000 speaking deals and three deals when I'm selling from stage (of Zoom meeting) to 1000's of employees at different businesses. $10,000+ in closed deals and LOTS in the pipeline, so to say that we are ROI positive would be an understatement.

Nick SantonastassoKeynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author

In just a few months with Uptown Creation, they delivered 50+ high-quality meetings which have led to real, solid business opportunities. Their process was seamless, and working together we set up a simple system in which all I had to do was get on the call.

Bruce DoreySpeaker, Author, and Coach

I interviewed MANY lead generation firms before finally landing with Uptown Creation. And I am thrilled with my choice. Conor and his team have exceeded my expectations in terms of calls booked. I admit it was difficult for me to "let go" of managing my own Messaging, but the staff has done a great job of representing me and responding. And it saves me so much time that I can now spend on coaching all the new clients I am getting! I would highly recommend Uptown Creation to anyone.

Jay FairbrotherExecutive Sales Coach

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