Uptown Creation Terms of Service and ROI-Positive Guarantee

Last Updated on August 27, 2020

By submitting this order form, you “The Client” agrees to being charged the monthly rate for a minimum of the selected contract length as specified in the LinkedIn Lead Generation service description.

Should The Client breach contract before the completion of selected contract length, 3 or 6 monthly payments, The Client agrees to consideration amounting to 50% of the remaining contract in exchange for release from subscription. Release from subscription will result in immediate end of LinkedIn Lead Generation fulfillment by Uptown Creation (“Uptown”).
After completion of all monthly payments for the selected contract length, cancellation may be requested and completed upon The Client’s submission of Cancellation Form – which Uptown Creation agrees to provide upon request. The Client will automatically be billed each month thereafter if no cancellation has been requested.
The ROI-Positive Guarantee (“Guarantee”) offer consists of Service Credit for the value that The Client has invested in Uptown, and is applicable to The Client if the following five criteria are met. First, Guarantee only applies in the instance a Client is not Return-on-Investment (ROI)-positive after six consecutive months of payments (“Service Period”) to Uptown Creation, meaning The Client has not earned back in gross revenue the money invested with Uptown over the course of six full months. Second, The Client must notify Uptown via email at [email protected] of intent to receive Guarantee. This email must be received no more than 10 business days after the end of the Service Period. Third, if Uptown deems that Professional Sales Training from a Coach is necessary during the Service Period, The Client must agree to take part in that training, as long as Uptown pays for the entirety of the training, and it takes 3 hours or less per month of The Client’s time. Fourth, The Client is subject to a financial review by Uptown before receiving Service Credit, which may include but is not limited to access to bank statements, credit card statements, and other online platforms related to new client acquisition. Fifth, Client must be selling at least 1 product or service for no less than $500 over the entire Service Period. Extent of Service Credit may not be greater than the lesser of total LinkedIn Lead Generation payments during the service period, or difference between what The Client has earned in gross revenue and the total LinkedIn Lead Generation payments during the service period. In addition to LinkedIn Lead Generation, The Client may opt to use Service Credit on additional items or services offered by Uptown such as retargeting campaigns, email marketing, and consulting.