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1) How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator In 2021 Without Bots Or Automation


Comprehensive LinkedIn training guide

2) Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile In 10 Minutes Or Less
In this video I show you exactly how I help my clients optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Whether you are looking for a job, searching for leads, or just building your relationships this video will show you the MOST important aspects to focus on and WHY.
3) The Perfect LinkedIn Message | Get Responses From Your LinkedIn Lead Generation and Outreach
LinkedIn Outreach is difficult. What makes it even harder is not getting the response rate and results that you deserve. Take these tips and implement them to increase your response rate on LinkedIn, and ultimately generate better results from your LinkedIn outreach campaign.
4) Send Messages To Anyone On LinkedIn Without Restriction | Open Profiles, InMails, Groups and Events
If you couple these strategies, along with 50 connection requests/day + messages to new first degree connections, you’ll be finding leads in no time.
5) Do This To Start Conversations On LinkedIn | How To Sort Your News Feed By New Posts On LinkedIn
One of the best ways to start new conversations on LinkedIn is by engaging in conversations through liking/commenting on posts that are engaging. If someone in your network makes a post, it is usually in your best interest to engage with that post if you have something to add to the conversations.
6) Top 5 LinkedIn Branding Tips | How To Stay Top Of Mind In Your Niche On LinkedIn
It is a skill to be able to generate traffic (or eyeballs) onto your LinkedIn page and then do something with that traffic. By utilizing these strategies, not only will you be generation traffic to your LinkedIn, but you’ll also be nurturing that traffic through multiple touch points.
7) How To Find Phone Numbers and Email Addresses On LinkedIn | Scrape Emails On LinkedIn
This is how to find the email addresses and phone numbers of your 1st degree connections on LinkedIn.
8) LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – How To Generate TONS Of Leads On LinkedIn
If you want to generate leads on LinkedIn by hand, without the use of bots and automation, then this video is for you. In this video I’m going to share with you the step-by-step process that we use for our clients to schedule 15-25 hyper-qualified lead calls every single month.
Bonus 1) Netflix Co-Founder and first CEO, Marc Randolph
How many times have you been told “that will never work”? Probably not as often as Marc Randolph, the veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, investor, speaker and best-selling author. Though best known as the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc has started six companies, all of which he led to successful exits, either through acquisition or IPO.
Bonus 2) The Social Seller w Conor Paulsen | Ep 9 – Wes Watson: From Prison to Penthouse Living
Legendary San Diego native, Wes Watson (aka @Watson_Fit) on today’s episode after spending 10+ years in prison and then creating a world-renown brand in less than 3-years
Bonus 3) The Social Seller w Conor Paulsen | Episode 6 – Steph Teagan: How Past Relationships Set Us Free
Why she chose San Diego over New York City, working as a professional coder and data analyst, along with our best tips coming out of long-term relationships.

“We launched a targeted Linkedin campaign to reach out to specific companies that have announced permanent remote work. We’re making 2,000 connections per week, which leads to about 50 conversations per week, so we’ve been able to really reach a large market. We have gotten a ton of inquiries, and we are talking to individuals every single day that have the ability to work remotely. I have spoken with multiple people at Google about this opportunity, and people on my team are talking to workers at Microsoft, Facebook and Uber. Through the people that move, there will be a significant economic impact and large ROI.”

Ryan SmithBusiness Development Manager at City of Las Vegas

“Over the past 30 days, I’ve sold out 4 of my events with leads directly attributed to Uptown via LinkedIn. I have even had to expand the number of spots at some events to make space for new leads coming in!”

Joya DassFounder of LadyDrinks

“During the last 4 months working with Uptown Creation, they have scheduled 56 calls to my calendar on my behalf which have resulted in 8 virtual speaking engagements at Universities across the country.”

Dr. Charles ReddMotivational Speaker

“After working with the Uptown Creation team for the last 90 days, we've closed $10,000+ in speaking deals and LOTS in the pipeline, so to say that we are ROI positive would be an understatement.”

Nick SantonastassoKeynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author

“They blew me away with how much they were able to deliver. I have a specific type of client that I want to work with, and they actually cared about helping me scale my business.”

Isaac LaraDirect Response Copywriter

“I really appreciate Uptown's knowledge of LinkedIn and of the CRM system I use. They also provided me with extra help with a sales script, closing options and they took the time to do mock conversations with me.”

Bruce DoreySpeaker, Author, and Coach

“The first lead I talked to from Uptown saw so much alignment with me in the first two weeks that we are jumping into a joint venture seeking clients together. I'm a little shocked that the first fish seems to be a whale!”

Adam FlemingLeadership Coach

“Uptown has provided a service that is second-to-none in terms of building ROI. They've allowed me to pivot quickly during COVID and have been a lifesaver by doing what I didn't know I had the opportunity to do on LinkedIn.”

Anthony RussoMotivational Speaker

“If you're in sales, it's hard to open the door, so having Uptown doing that for you is a huge weight off. It's a partnership where Uptown seems to also want to coach and teach me - like having my own coaches in a sense.”

Cara PollardCertified Parent Coach

“Starting out, we didn't know how to acquire customers. Uptown has been an efficient and direct way to get us high-quality leads. In the first month, we made our money back for the first six months with Uptown.”

Cornelius SchmahlCEO of FutureBright GmbH

“After 1 year of partnering with Uptown, I’m thrilled to say that I have 10X’d my investment in LinkedIn! Moving into year #2, I’m projected to 100X my investment with Uptown and I couldn’t be more excited.”

GaryMortgage Officer

“My coaching practice was once a slow-moving commuter train; it is now a BULLET train!!! I am attempting to better peoples' lives and workplaces, and to know there is personal human support behind me is priceless.”

Lisa EtzelExecutive Coach

“After working unsuccessfully with other business development agencies, Uptown flipped my LinkedIn strategy on its head. Their unique approach to LinkedIn has been beyond effective for building a pipeline of qualified leads.”

Hank BockusPresident of Bockus Consulting

“I interviewed MANY lead generation firms before finally landing with Uptown Creation. And I am thrilled with my choice. Conor and his team have exceeded my expectations in terms of calls booked. I admit it was difficult for me to "let go" of managing my own Messaging, but the staff has done a great job of representing me and responding. And it saves me so much time that I can now spend on coaching all the new clients I am getting! I would highly recommend Uptown Creation to anyone.”

Jay FairbrotherExecutive Sales Coach

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